Stainless steel fittings

There are many different ways to make pipe connections. For example, butt weld fittings are frequently used. However, a customer can also decide to use threaded fittings or to make press connections with press fittings. On the one hand, this is related to the application of the installation. On the other hand, this may also have to do with personal preferences. To respond to our customers’ needs and preferences as mentioned above, STAPPERT Noxon offers a very wide and deep range of different stainless steel fittings.

Stainless steel fittings – Available from stock

The stainless steel fittings we stock in our warehouse in Helmond, The Netherlands, can be divided into the following product groups:

  • BSP threaded fittings
  • Butt Weld fittings
  • Press fittings
  • Clips
  • Cutting ring fittings
  • 3000/6000 LBS fittings (NPT/SW)
  • Dairy fittings
  • Uni Grip couplings
  • Valves

Within each product group, we supply several norms, stainless steel grades and executions. Generally, we supply grades 304L and 316L (or equivalents) from stock.

Other solutions – Inox Intelligence.

Because we are part of the STAPPERT Group, we can also supply stainless steel fittings that exceed our standard stock program. These are, for example, the grades 321, 316Ti and Duplex. But this also includes fittings according to other norms or executions.

Because we like to unburden our customers and meet all their needs, we often go one step beyond. Through our extensive network of suppliers, we even have possibilities for custom-made products!

Expertise, specialisation and broad experience to offer you the best possible solution. That’s what we call at STAPPERT: Inox Intelligence.

Curious about our possibilities?

Then quickly contact one of our highly experienced employees. Of course you can also take a look at our webshop. Below you will find a complete overview of the stainless steel fittings that we included in our stock range.

Our stock range of fittings