Stainless steel flanges

One of the most common ways to connect tubes is through flange connections. Flanges exist in all kinds of grades, dimensions and norms. Also several types of flanges are available, such as welding neck flanges, slip-on flanges, blind flanges, threaded flanges and lap-joint flanges. In addition, stainless steel flanges are used in a large number of industries, such as shipbuilding, the chemical industry, the installation industry and the food and dairy industry.

Stainless steel flanges – Available from stock

For many years STAPPERT Noxon has been well known in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe as the specialist in the field of flanges. From our warehouse in Helmond, The Netherlands, we supply an enormously wide and deep range of both stainless steel as well as aluminum flanges. The flanges we supply, can be divided into three different standards:

  • Stainless steel flanges according EN 1092-1
  • Stainless steel flanges according ASTM A182
  • Aluminium flanges according DIN

We supply our stainless steel flanges from stock in the following grades:

  • Grade 1.4307-304L
  • Grade 1.4404-316L

We supply our aluminium flanges from stock in the following executions:

  • Blank
  • Epoxy coated (RAL 7001)

In below overview you will find the different types of flanges that we can deliver from stock with very short lead times.

Other solutions – Inox Intelligence.

Because we are part of the STAPPERT Group, we are also able to supply other grades, such as stainless steel 1.4541-321, 1.4571-316Ti and 1.4462-Duplex. Short delivery times also apply here. Due to our experience and cooperation with suppliers, we are also able to supply special flanges. Consider, for example, special grades or sizes.

Expertise, specialisation and broad experience to offer you the best possible solution. That’s what we call at STAPPERT: Inox Intelligence.

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Our stock range of flanges